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CPM are technically trained by some of the leading manufacturers and carry out a full commissioning service for these manufacturers and the industry.

So if you require your new pump set to be commissioned to meet the needs of the new building and to the manufacturer’s requirements contact CPM.

CPM are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep your facility running. We have a mobile service fleet, centrally locate workshop stocked with most emergency spare parts and can normally fix the problem on the first visit.

Onsite CPM can strip / assess pumps, descale carry out replacement of mechanical seals and bearings. However, for a complete rebuild it is suggested that we remove the pump return it to our fully equipped workshop to rebuild and hydrostatically test it. Prior to returning to site reinstall and commissioning of the system.

Pump controllers allow multiple pumps to operate either together or separately depending on demand. These controllers require specialist knowledge and high levels of fault-finding skills to rectify faults.

CPM technicians have been factory trained by some of the leading manufacturers in the industry to deliver to their customers cost effective repairs. As part of this they have access to an extensive range of parts and whole controllers that will enable the pump set to be back on line with a minimum of disruption.

Used as the potable water supply for most multi-level buildings, CPM repair, service and maintain these systems for their customers. As part of our routine scheduled service programs, we supply condition reports and suggested improvements if required.

Nearly all variable speed water pumps sets have pressure vessels which control the flow and balance pressure in the water system. They are an integral part of the water pump system and failure can result in noisy water systems and failure of water valves within the system.

CPM service, maintain and replace pressure vessels and ensure that your water pressure system continues to operate correctly and seamlessly.

Usually, part of the potable water pump system, CPM carries out inspections, cleaning and retentioning (panel tanks) of water storage tanks to AS3500. These are also routinely checked with the servicing of the water pump systems.

As the mechanism used to fill the water storage tanks, tank fill valves require diaphragms, finger filters and in some cases the whole valve body is required to be replaced. CPM has a full range of parts on hand to effectively service and repair these valves.

Commonly located in the basement of many multi-level buildings, these stations lift storm and wastewater from the basements up into Council and Water Corporation connections. Failure of these systems often cause very expensive environmental and sanitary clean-ups.

CPM hydrostatically and electrically services and maintains, the pumps, controllers and the lifting or “guide” rails to these systems. We also carry of full range of pumps or can remove and rebuild the pumps saving customers expensive replacement costs.

Typically, in large commercial installations hot water is delivered from one centrally located plant and distributed via a hot water ring main. Hot water circulation systems control hot water temperature and flow evenly around the system. Failure of these systems especially in hotels can cause costly down times and loss of business.

Again, CPM have a vast experience in these repairs and a large range of parts on hand to rectify these issues. Descaling, valve failures all contribute to these failures.

Commonly found in both large and small mechanical workshops and wash bays, separators remove grease and oil from the water prior to discharge into the sewer system. Poorly performing separators pass excessive amounts of oil into the sewer, resulting in higher trade waste costs charged by the Water Corporation to the customer.

CPM has an extensive range of diaphragms, belts and drives to keep these systems operating. Also carry out a full clean and routine inspection program to minimise the oil discharges to the sewer, resulting in lower trade wastes to their customers.

The Water Corporation requires the installation of backflow devices to most commercial water supplies and fire services. Annual testing is a mandatory requirement for these devices.

CPM can test and repair these devices including the online reporting required to the Water Corporation. We can also set up on-going annual testing schedules so that the customer no longer needs to arrange the service every year.

Some medical and commercial clients require their incoming water supply to be much cleaner that the mains water supply. Sediment, UV and Reverse Osmosis systems are some examples of filtration systems that are available on the market.

CPM can service and maintain most of the above systems, additionally we can test and sample the water output of the system through a NATA laboratory for piece of mind that the water quality meets the customers’ requirements.

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